Eureka Zenith 65E On-Demand Coffee Grinder

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 Eureka Zenith 65E  On-Demand Coffee Grinder 

Eureka Zenith 65E Espresso Coffee Grinder

The Eureka Zenith 65E is an exciting new tier of espresso performance and value. If you’re a coffee shop, office or home enthusiast seeking a grinder with faster dispensing, more efficient (less waste), fluffier, and more uniform grind resulting in cleaner espresso flavor, the Zenith is ready to impress.

What sets this grinder apart from the myriad of other full sized commercial options? Performance, refinement, longevity and value.

The Zenith 65E has been designed with a focus on grind uniformity and strength, and that solidity can be sensed through every feature and detail.

Some machines are in stock, and some machines are to order – approx. 7 days – please give us a call to check stock before confirming your order.